We have to start somewhere...

We are a grassroots organization in the process of incorporating and receiving our 501(c)3 status.  We are in the process of fundraising for our seedling money. Click on the button below for more information.

Child Sponsorship

The heart and soul of our organization...
An opportunity for your church, small group, business or family to help a child in need.  Each child brought to the US costs our organization approximately $5000.00.
Your sponsorship would ensure that one more child is provided with life-saving care.  We would give preference to placing the child with a host a family affiliated with your sponsor group if possible, and you would be updated of the child's progress. 
In addition, individuals wanting to make a monetary donation of any amount are encouraged to do so...ALL donations are vital to our success!

Prevent the deadly bite of Malaria...

We will be collecting funds to provide mosquito netting and repellent to families of remote villages in
Cote d'Ivoire & Burkina Faso
​​​Birthing Packs

Devastated by the sheer number of mother/infant deaths caused by infection during birth has spurred this project along.  It is our intention to provide simple birthing packs, filled with items to cut down on the transmission of infection, to expectant mothers of remote villages. In most cases, medical centers are not available to these mothers and they are forced to have their babies in the village with no medical supplies.  You can help by providing materials for these packs, by contributing monetarily, or by organizing your own collection of items and assembly of these packs.