Sponsor a Child in Uganda

A $30 monthly commitment pays for the education costs of one child. That is $1 a day! Please contact Ray of Hope to find out how you can make a forever difference in a child's life, and become a sponsor.

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by the Spieth Family


Mahteas, age 14 

Eve, age 7

His job at home is to transport their water. His favorite subjects are math and science. Someday, he would like to be a driver.

Eve has 1 sister and 5 brothers. Her job at home is to wash their eating utensils. She enjoys writing and would like to be a teacher.

Mahteas has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. His job at home is to collect their firewood. He enjoys science and social studies, and would like to be a doctor. 


by J. Newton


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Roger, age 9

Francis Kaye

Geofrey, age 13

The sweet little guy pictured on the right is Francis Kaye. (He is pictured with his brother and their grandfather). He helps at home by washing clothes. His dream is to become a doctor.

At home with his 2 brothers and 2 sisters, Roger helps out by fetching their daily water. He would like to become a doctor. Imagine what a difference he could make in his home country of Uganda if he received the education he needs!

This hardworking young man is busy helping at home by fetching water and doing other chores. He has 2 sisters and 1 brother. He enjoys math and social studies, and would like to go to school to become a nurse.





by the Angie Blevins


by the Ghent Family

Judith, age 10

Andrew, age 13

Phiona, age 10

This beautiful young lady is 10 years old. She has 4 sisters and 2 brothers, and helps at home by cleaning. She would like to be a doctor.

Andrew enjoys English and Science, and would one day like to become a pastor. He enjoys football (Soccer) and singing, and helps at home by fetching their water.

 Phiona  has 3 sisters and 2 brothers. She helps at home by collecting firewood. Her best subjects are English and science, and she dreams of using her love of science to become a nurse!

Sponsored by the 

Morgan Rupert 

Sponsored by the Rupert family

Vincent, age 6

Monica, age 6

Erinah, age 6

Vincent has 2 sisters and 6 brothers. He helps at home by cleaning their eating utensils and fetching their water. His best subject is writing. He wants to be a teacher when he is older.

Meet Monica, her job is to wash their clothes. She likes to play football (Soccer) and read books. When she is older, she would like to be a teacher.

Erinah's job at home is to clean cups and plates. She enjoys playing netball. Please help her get the schooling she needs so that she can realize her dream and become a teacher.


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by the Arnold Family


by the Churubusco Girls Varsity Basketball Team

Yowan, age 6

Ruth, age 12

Isa, age 8

This is Yowan. He has 7 sisters and 3 brothers. He wants to be a teacher, and what a great opportunity it would be for him to share his learning with his 10 brothers and sisters! Please become his sponsor and help him to get the education he deserves.

Isa has 2 sisters and 1 brother. His job at home is to clean and to fetch their water. He likes to run, jump and read books. He would like to be a doctor.

This helpful little lady is Ruth Nankinga, she helps at home by cleaning utensils, along with other small chores. Her best subjects are math and English. She would like to be a pilot.


by the Shank Family


by the Marla Kreft

Jesca, age 10

Jesca has 2 sister and 2 brothers. She enjoys science and social studies, and would like to become a lawyer. She is a great helper at home, and is in charge of getting their water.

Gorret, age 3


Gorret is a sweet little lady who comes from a family of 2 girls and 3 boys. She loves to play netball and run. Her dream is to study and become a judge. 


Teaching a trade to secure a future.....


We are adding an important component to our program, it is very important to us that the children return home to parents that are well prepared and able to support the needs of the child.  We have the opportunity to provide ROH moms in Burkina Faso with a vocational training of weaving textiles while their children are in the United States receiving care.  The program would instruct women on how to obtain product, dye the string and weave the product into sellable items, such as clothing and wrappers.  At the conclusion of the training, mothers will have the knowledge, ability and equipment to obtain a rewarding income and the ability to provide for their children, including the child that will soon be returning to them.  In addition to the ROH moms the program will be offered to widowed mothers in need of a vocation in order to provide for her family. 

Fati is an extremely talented women who desires to train women in the trade of weaving/looming. We will be supporting her efforts financially while she is training local women to become independent providers for her family. The cost of this program is $2400/yearWe are looking for 8 sponsors that are willing to a $25/month commitment for 1 year to fund this program.



Feed a Family assistance program is designed to lend a helping hand to families that are facing difficulties by providing them with 6 months of food for their families.  This program is designed as a one time assistance program to aleve some of the pressures while they are securing a job or making a life changing transition.  The $200 donated will provide a family with the following:

50 kg of Rice, 50 kg of Beans, Yellow corn, White Corn, 2 crates of eggs and a big tin of milk.  You will receive pictures of your family and an update after 6 months.