Welcome to the Ray of Hope Family

Ray of Hope's success heavily relies on their host families, and their experience.  You are a valuable resource and we will make every effort to assist you in this journey.  This page is designed to provide each host family the information and resources you may need while hosting  a child enrolled in our medical assistance program.  

If you have been matched with a child, you have also been assigned a ROH liaison, it is the responsibilty of this liaison to mentor your family through this journey, they will be available to answer any of your questions or concerns. 

We feel very strongly that the succes of your experience will be determined by your degree of cooperation and  understanding our policies and regulations.  We have developed these policies out of past experiences and if you have any questions of why they are in place, please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director, Rebecca Ghent, for further explanantion.

What Host Families are saying...

The night of arrival will never be forgotten in our home. Within minutes he had all of us on the floor playing with him. Since then he has had us all wrapped around his little finger.

I can’t thank Ray of Hope enough for allowing us to be a part of their wonderful mission. There are not enough words to explain how this experience has impacted our lives.

The impact on our children is immeasurable. We are from a very small town and to see the diversity and special needs in their own home life will only help them down the road. They are also learning so much about life in Cote D’Ivoire and the many blessings we have here that are taken for granted on a daily basis.

The board of Ray of Hope has been amazing to work with. Their passion for this mission is evident in everything they do. They make sure that as a host family you completely understand what to expect. They have been with us through every step by answering questions and even sitting with us or checking in often during surgery and hospital stays.

We knew the experience of sharing God’s love would change our lives forever. We never expected it to show us such a ripple effect. It started with caring for one small child and by word of mouth has affected hundreds if not thousands of people around us.

We feel blessed and honored to be only a small part in this mission of helping make a difference in a child(s) life.

Being selected as a host family for a child in need and then waiting for a medical team and all the paperwork to be completed was the hardest part for us. We wanted to help so badly and knowing that all we could do was sit back and let the process work was rough. That time however, gave our extended family and friend’s time to understand our hearts on the matter. It also let us prepare and educate our children for the impact of bringing a special needs child into our home.


The Ray of Hope board has been there to help us through the process.  They have stayed in contact with us to make sure things are going okay and willing to do anything to help us out.


It is awesome to see how excited he gets over simple things we take for granted.


It has been interesting to listen to the stories he tells us about things in his country.  Some seem unbelievable but have made the boys realize how lucky they are.


Being a host family has been such a blessing to our family.  It makes you step back and think about how fortunate we are to live in a country that has so much.  We have so much to be greatful for daily that we over look.


It is awesome to see his face light up and his enthusiasm when you bring up Jesus.  We are a using is an opportunity to teach him all we can about Jesus in hopes he can help spread the word in Haiti.


It is amazing how fast they melt your hearts and feel like part of the family.


We are grateful that Ray of Hope povided us with the opportunity to be a 1st time host family.  This experience has been so much more than we imagined.  Having done it one time... we are hooked.