Francesca  Cote d'Ivoire

Franny is the first Ray of Hope Child to come to the USA, and was one of the reasons why Ray of Hope was founded.  Franny originally came to the US for hydrocephalus treatment, after a failed surgery she contracted post op meningitis and was transferred via the Parkview ICU Bus to University of Michigan. She remained in PICU for weeks and fought for her life every single day, she had suffered from traumatic brain injury and loss, Chiari malformation and MRSA of the brain fluid.  When they discharged Franny we were prepared to have "no neurological expectations" of her.  We had little hope that she would walk, talk or even learn...she proved us wrong!  After 11 months of recovering the organization sent her home and her health declined immediately upon arriving.  Franny was dying and she needed to come back, several reasons prohibited the original organiztion to bring her back, so ROH was founded in efforts to bring Franny back to save her life.... she arrived December 21, 2012 and was rushed back to U of M and was diagnosed with the deadliest form of Malaria.  She was within hours of losing her battle but this little one is a fighter and she once again beat the odds that were stacked against her, but once again she was given a grim prognosis of recovery.  Franny starts kindergarten in August and although we are finding her limitations, she amazes us every single day.