Because we are fully funded by donations from the public, we feel strongly about our finances being transparent. 

TIN: 46-1459753


Ray of Hope Medical Missions is an Indiana Not For Profit Corporation

and as of 11/28/2012 recognized by the IRS as a Public Charity

501(c)(3) Federal Not For Profit.


Donations to Date: $30,000- THANK YOU!!!!

Updated 7/21/2013

Expenses to date 

Updated 9/14/2013

Childrens In Country Medical Expenses/Government Fees  $4715.00
Transportation/Escort Fees  $8836.98
Office Expenses  $475.81
Goodwill Projects  $678.29
Start Up Costs $2919.59


​ 2014 GOAL  $65,000.00

$45,000 to bring 9 Children to the US for Surgery From Africa

$10,000 to bring 2 Children to the US for Surgery From Guatemala

$5000 for In-Country Goodwill Projects

$5000 Operating Expenses


Thank you to all of our Donors