Kids in the USA and receiving care

"Princess" Frannie

Frannie is 1 of the reasons why we started ROH, originally she came to the US December 2011 with another organization and was hosted by the Ghents.  During her stay, her first surgery was a failure and she contracted post-op Meningitis.  In January she was rushed to the ER in Ft Wayne and was to be airlifted to CS Motts Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor, but the weather did not allow for that.  She had experienced loss of vitals several times while trying to stabilize her for surgery.  Her 2nd and 3rd surgeries were met with great sucess and Frannie beat all odds against her.  Frannie returned to her family in Africa in November of 2012, 2 weeks after returning she had contracted a deadly strain of falciparum malaria and was granted an emergency medical visa back to the US....hence the "Birth of ROH"  Frannie was unable to sit up, or move her limbs when she arrived into Chicago Ohare Airport.  she endured a long 3.5 hour car ride to Ann Arbor.  She was treated for Malaria and survived!  This little girl is not only is a fighter, she loves Jesus and will tell anyone that "Jesus is in my heart"  ANYONE who meets Frannie is in love...

Frannie's care is with Mott's Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor, Mi

Dr. Hugh Garton is her Neurologist.



David arrived into Chicago smiling, smiled and "talked" for the entire 3.5 car ride and hasn't stopped smiling since.  What a great first baby for first-time host family Justin and Molly Snyder.  David joined the Snyder's and their 2 children on May 21st and is enjoying life in Churubusco. 

His care will be provided by Dupont Hospital, and Dr. Severinac, Whateley and Schreck will be performing the necessary treatment. 

David is the first born to his parents back home in Cote d'Ivoire and is missed dearly!


UPDATE:  David has received 2 of his 3 scheduled surgeries.  He is scheduled for his 3rd surgery on February 4th to be performed by Dr. Severinac at Supont Hospital.  David's host mom reports that he is officially a walker!!  Please follow Davids progress on our Facebook page.








Jennri "Henry"

Jennri is 7 year old boy from Guatemala whom was born with profound deafness.  ROH was asked to assist in getting him to the US after a young nurse was finding it difficult to do on her own.  He is being hosted by The Van Oordts in Grand Rapids, Mi with the nurse (Erin Van Oordt) and her family.  Jennri received a donation of 2 cochlear implants from Advanced Bionics.  Dr. Michael Disher of Ft Wayne, Focus Audiology, and Lutheran Hospital have donated all of his medical and surgical care.  His implant surgery is complete and Focus Audiology will be activating his implant on 9/23.  We are planning a skype session with his parents, so that they are the first voices he will hear. 

UPDATE: Jenri's surgery was a complete sucess, so much so, that he returned home months earlier than expected.  His family was thrilled to have him back and are extremely grateful for all of the prayers that they received while Jenri was in the US.  Please see our FB page for more in-depth updates about Jenri's return home.


Wilfried arrived to the US in September, he was introduced to his host family the Buckmasters and has settled in nicely.  He had his first Surgery on 12/13 by Dr. Jayanthi at Nationwide Childrens Hospital in Columbus Ohio.His recovery was amazing and his host mom says "he was a champ"  He will return in March for a check-up and at that time they will schedule his second more in-depth surgery.  In the meantime he is enjoying being spoiled by his America family.


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