Children waiting for our help

Landry 7-25-2011

This little guy is from Burkina Faso and in need of hernia repair, treatment for jaundice and gall bladder issues.  We are waiting on a doctor to commit to care before we can proceed.  In the meantime we will raise funds for his arrival.


Oumaini  8-1-2012

Despite her medical needs this little girl from Burkina Faso is being well taken care of by her momma.  Oumaini was born with the obvious ailment of bilateral cleft  lip and palate, what is not so obvious is that she was also born with anal atresia.  This is a congenital defect present at birth in which the opening to the rectum is missing.  This is a challenging medical condition in the best of circumstances and an incredibly difficult to manage in Burkina Faso. 
With the help of Doctors without Borders Oumaini was able to seek treatment for the atresia, and we are now concentrating on the repair of her cleft palate.  Still waiting on Medical reports to confirm the treatment and will keep you updated






David is from Cote d'Ivoire and has been diagnosed with Spina Bifida.  We are presently looking for a pediatric neurologist to take his case.