We are a not-for-profit organization based in Fort Wayne Indiana, in collaboration with our international partners we identify, organize and secure passports, medical visas, free transportation, life-changing care and medical procedures for medically-deprived children from underdeveloped nations. Select children will be provided with all the necessities required to obtain medical care in the United States that would not otherwise be available to them. Once healthy, these children will return to their families. All medical care and financial expenses will be 100% covered by donations, pursuant to medical visa terms.

The desire to do more led to the creation of this organization. We are made up of 7 board members most of whom have had the privilege of being a host family to a child in need. We are committed to providing care to the children selected while in the US. We are also committed to providing resources to their families back home to ensure that they are able to provide for their children once they return. Ray of Hope children are not orphans, they all come from loving families willing to sacrifice time with their babies in order to get them the care that they need. Approved host families in our program know this to be true and have no desire or intention on adopting or keeping a child away from their parents any longer then medically necessary.